Do you find yourself struggling with...

Bouncing from one FAD diet to the next but getting nowhere?

Getting clothes that you feel comfortable in and actually want to wear?

Knowing what to eat without ruining your diet at weekends?

Knowing what to do when you do get to the gym?

Having Energy To Do The Things You LOVE!

Is this YOUR Story?

Does your week consist of restricting yourself of calories with an aim to lose weight, only for you to overindulge at the weekend with junk food and alcohol?

And then you tell yourself you’ll start again on Monday and continue to binge until then.

But you feel guilty each time this happens as it has been the cycle of behaviour for as long as you can remember.

This has brought your confidence to an all-time low, you have no energy and you struggle to keep up with the kids and focus at work.

What’s worse, your clothes are becoming tighter or don’t fit anymore and you make excuses for not going out as you have become conscious of how you look and feel?

Sound familiar?

Imagine a NEW YOU in Just 6 Weeks!

Here at Forever-Strong we focus on getting you results.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Our Signature Training Programme to get you the best results without spending hours in the gym
  • Our 5 Habit STEPS to guide you into breaking your bad habits and adopting new ‘Healthy’ Habits.
  • Our SIMPLE Nutrition System that will have you dropping the Body Fat with starving yourself or popping pills.
  • Our Private FS Family Facebook Group that provides you will all the support and guidance you need.
  • Our CAST IRON Money Back Guarantee. DO what we ask, get no results and we will gladly refund you. We don’t like to fail!

If You Want to Change then You Need to Make a Change!

Apply NOW to Transform Yourself and Change Your Life Forever!

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We've Helped Lots of People Just Like YOU...

Like like like like like . Have you ever committed to something but then 4 weeks down the line you start dropping away from . Yes we all have . For some reason though forever strong has a formulae that has you going back again and again , missing a session only when you are not in the country or you are so ill you can't run up the 4 flights of stairs . If you want to really change for good it's the only way . Plus those that attend will keep you motivated too.

Toddy Rigg

I have been a member for 4 months, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. So far lost 37lb and fitter and stronger. It’s now become a hobby rather than a chore mainly down to the whole environment and excellent trainers.

Ste Griffin

I've been at Forever Strong since November 2016, 12 weeks after I gave birth. Just over 6 months down the line and I'm back to my target weight and my pre-pregnancy figure. Not only that but I'm stronger, fitter and feel fantastic. And above all I have a new set of friends who I consider to be family. Gaz and the crew are amazing, this is the best thing I ever did and I can't imagine my life with Forever Strong in it! Gaz keeps it simple as well as enjoyable ans brings the hard work and determination out of you. If you're not already a member, join, you won't regret it!!

Sarah Kinrade

Forever Strong is a completely unique place that gets me up 4 flights of stairs 5 times a week (3 of those at 6 a.m.). Gaz isn't about fads or diet and exercise crazes, what he offers is the opportunity to change your mindset about exercise and nutrition for good. His classes are full of people wanting to make a positive change and relishing the challenge, whilst helping one another along the way. What's not to like like like like like .....

Louise Killeen

I can truly recommend FS. I attend the Kettlebell Sport classes and have been competing since August. My progress has been immense and I am very happy with how my training has been programmed by Gaz. In addition his nutrition guidance has meant that I have dropped 3 dress sizes whilst gaining a serious amount of strength. Couldn't ask for more really! I'm now in training for my first world championships in Greece representing England! I'd have never dreamt of achieving anything like that a year ago! Thanks Gaz.

Janni Sam

I was lucky to come across the FB ad run by Forever Stong. I say lucky because I found a very competent Coach who has created a fitness and friendly family of like minded, determined, supportive none judging gym members who have each other’s back. Your success in the progress of your own individual goals is Gary’s prime directive. His knowledge extensive, his understanding of and passion for this “gym” and his members is endless. My successes to date are down to me, my commitment, persistence, patience and belief but I’d have not made it this far without the tools given to me by Gary. His commitment to me, his persistence, his patience and his belief in me.
Join us you’ll surprise yourself.
My name is Sara and I am One Year Stronger.

Sara Mainwaring

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