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Helping YOU Gain Confidence and Learn to LOVE Yourself Again So You Can Live The Life You Have Always Wanted...

We focus on YOU as an individual to get you Leaner, Fitter, More Energised, More Confident and More Comfortable in your own skin.

JOIN NOW Transform Me in 6 Weeks

Are you Tired of GIVING UP?

At Forever-Strong we’re different.

We don’t want you to give up.

We work hard as a team to keep you going and to stop you from failing before the changes really start to occur.

There are no cardio machines, no steam rooms, swimming pools or juice bars either. 

We focus on getting you results!

If you’re serious and committed and finally ready to make a change to your body, mind and life…

And you live in Rochdale, Oldham, Shaw, Heywood or Middleton then we may be just what YOU need!

Support from Forever Strong Fitness & Performance

We're a TEAM

We have built a community/family spirit that sweeps you along on your journey to success. We celebrate each other’s wins, feel each other’s struggles and push each other to goals believed impossible.

Nutrition Made S.I.M.P.L.E

Diet plans may shed you a few pounds, but a month or two later you likely end up back where you started because it’s too complex and difficult to maintain. We make it S.I.M.P.L.E and sustainable.

Focus on What WORKS

We focus on what works, and what GETS RESULTS.

We combine the best possible training with our SIMPLE nutrition and AMAZING support to get you what you want.

We will change the way you look at dieting and fitness.

And teach you how to do it for life!

Our Success Stories

I can truly recommend FS. I attend the Kettlebell Sport classes and have been competing since August. My progress has been immense and I am very happy with how my training has been programmed by Gaz. In addition his nutrition guidance has meant that I have dropped 3 dress sizes whilst gaining a serious amount of strength. Couldn't ask for more really! I'm now in training for my first world championships in Greece representing England! I'd have never dreamt of achieving anything like that a year ago! Thanks Gaz.

Janni Sam

Like like like like like . Have you ever committed to something but then 4 weeks down the line you start dropping away from . Yes we all have . For some reason though forever strong has a formulae that has you going back again and again , missing a session only when you are not in the country or you are so ill you can't run up the 4 flights of stairs . If you want to really change for good it's the only way . Plus those that attend will keep you motivated too.

Toddy Rigg

I joined Forever Strong three months ago having been significantly overweight for 15 years. I was fed up of being aching and tired and struggling to move around comfortably; I was worried about the risks to my health of being overweight. I had tried various approaches in the past but struggled to have time to follow diets properly. Forever Strong's straightforward approach is do-able and enjoyable. At last the pounds and the inches are coming off.

The most important thing is that Forever Strong has shown me that I can do it - something I had previously begun to doubt. In my work as a GP it gives me more confidence and credibility to encourage my patients to improve their health too.

Beth Schofield

Forever Strong is a completely unique place that gets me up 4 flights of stairs 5 times a week (3 of those at 6 a.m.). Gaz isn't about fads or diet and exercise crazes, what he offers is the opportunity to change your mindset about exercise and nutrition for good. His classes are full of people wanting to make a positive change and relishing the challenge, whilst helping one another along the way. What's not to like like like like like .....

Louise Killeen

I've been at Forever Strong since November 2016, 12 weeks after I gave birth. Just over 6 months down the line and I'm back to my target weight and my pre-pregnancy figure. Not only that but I'm stronger, fitter and feel fantastic. And above all I have a new set of friends who I consider to be family. Gaz and the crew are amazing, this is the best thing I ever did and I can't imagine my life with Forever Strong in it! Gaz keeps it simple as well as enjoyable ans brings the hard work and determination out of you. If you're not already a member, join, you won't regret it!!

Sarah Kinrade
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