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How To Feel Awesome…Everyday!

How to Feel Awesome…Everyday!

How to Feel Awesome Everyday

Simple question really…Do you feel awesome everyday? How about most days? Maybe just a few days?

The answer to this question for most people is a resounding NO! Today’s lifestyle has us rushing around like busy fools, not spending any time on ourselves and slaving away at work for very little reward.

The only time we really look to do something about our health, energy and well-being is when it’s too late and it starts to seriously impact us. But by this time the damage is done and reversing these ill effects will take some serious work, commitment and A LOT of patience…

After all, it probably took you YEARS to get into the position you are in now!

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if you could do some very simple tasks each day that will have you feeling awesome, each and every day!

Below are our 5 important hacks that will lead you t awesomeness. So if you wish t feel great, act great and get great results, read on:


1. Hydrate Quickly After Sleeping and Keep It Going

You will likely spend around 6-9 hours in bed each night, during which time you aren’t consuming any fluids. When you are asleep, your body uses the fluids you do have in order to conduct much needed repairs, leaving you dehydrated when the time comes to wake up and tackle the day.

What most people do upon waking is to grab a cup of coffee and sip on it as they rush around getting ready for work and sorting the kids out for school. This leaves people dehydrated for the day, leading to increased hunger, tiredness, high levels of stress and poor performance.

This simply won’t do!

What we need to do as a priority is to get some fluids into our body as quickly as possible, and by fluids I mean water. Our body is made up of around 70% water and we need to keep those levels topped up to allow us to function optimally.

Personally, I consume around 500 ml of water as the first thing I do in the morning. I would also suggest a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in it. Lemon water helps to wake up the digestive system and to get your metabolism functioning in preparation for food and energy. The warm water will help pass the lemon juice around the body easier.

If you’re looking for ways to help you spring out of bed every morning then read this previous article here:

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This will help you feel energetic for your early morning walk (see point 2).

2. Get Outside First Thing in the Morning (before breakfast)

Once you’ve hydrated and stretched, I suggested getting outside for a 20 minute stroll on an empty stomach.

Too often we are chasing the day from the minute we wake up, which leads to stressful situations from very early on. This cascades into the whole day, leaving us feeling drained by mid morning and often in need of stimulants just to keep us functioning.

To alleviate this dilemma, I suggest spending the first hour of your day on yourself (see point 1 & 3 combined with this hack), which includes a 20 minute brisk walk in the fresh air, on an empty stomach. This has a ton of positive health benefits for the body and will also help you get ahead on route to those 10,000 steps.

It will also help clear your head and allow you to plan the day ahead. And if this means getting up 30 minutes earlier than normal…then do it!

You will thank me for it in a few weeks time…honest.

3. Stretch Mobilise and Move

I got this one from my pet dog! Each and every morning he comes out of his bed and spends 30-60 seconds stretching…and we should do the same too!

I usually spend 5-10 minutes stretching after getting out of bed and having my water. I spend this time just stretching and slowly moving from one position to another to gently wake up the body. This gets the blood flowing around my muscles after hours of laying dormant.

I tend to start from the top down starting with the neck, shoulders, hips and don to the quads, hamstrings, calves and finally the ankles. I feel that this then sets me up well for my morning 20 minute walk.

And it doesn’t stop there…

During the day, we often sit around for most of it (usually hunched over a computer screen) and moving very little. If you work in an office, then look to get up for 10 minutes every hour and go for a drink or use the loo. Just get up, move and get away from the screen. If you can get outside, say for lunch, then do it. Get the fresh air into your lungs and spend 15-20 minutes moving.

Look to perform some form of exercise daily too! This doesn’t mean thrashing yourself for hours in the gym. It can mean going for a swim, run, a long walk or doing yoga for example. In the summer, get yourself outdoors and absorb that Vitamin D too. This will help you feel even more awesome!

4. Eat the Rainbow

It’s no secret that food is data for the body. The nutrients and minerals in that food help feed the body with the vital ingredients that help the body conduct simple functions such as keeping your skin smooth, helping you see clearly, provide you with energy to tackle the day and to help you move with less pain…and the list goes on.

The foods that are richest in these vital nutrients are vegetables and fruit and the easiest way to ensure you get an adequate spectrum of these vital vitamins and minerals is to EAT THE RAINBOW!

Aim for as many different colours of vegetables as possible, including beets, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, avocado, red onions, celeriac etc. Think bright and colourful and get as much of it on your plate as you can.

Oh! And as an added tip…eat your vegetables on your plate before anything else. They will help fill you up and will often stop you from finishing off the junk food that’s around 🙂

5. Simplify Life

Let’s face it. We’re all busy these days! We always seem to have something going.

Have you ever noticed that your to do list just seems to keep growing and growing as the day goes on and you then end up transferring that uncompleted list over to the next day. You look at the day and don’t feel as though you have accomplished much due to the ever growing list and you dread the next day before it even arrives as you know there’s a mountain of work waiting for you.

This is simply a recipe for disaster and all this ‘busy-ness’ is killing you slowly. Often leaving you feel down and often depressed. Well, there is a simple trick to solving this…

And that’s to SIMPLIFY LIFE…And it all starts with cutting your list down!

Pick 3 BIG things you want done that day. Don’t add anything else to your workload until the BIG 3 is complete and only after you’ve had a break too. It doesn’t get anymore complicated than this. When I learned to say no to people, and to tasks and just focused on the big movers in my day, I noticed a massive difference in my mood, energy, focus, productivity and happiness!

Try it…

These are just some of the hacks that we use with our clients to help them feel awesome everyday. And the beauty of our coaching means that we are routinely checking in with them in some way or other in order to keep them committed, motivated and striving towards their goals and results.

Why not try these 5 tips to help you feel more awesome everyday?


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